Welcome to Buffs Corner : For your Knowledge, Fun and Enthusiasm!

Welcome to BuffsCorner!

Here is the unique site for the fans, fanatics, and enthusiasts of all the genres that worth a frantic attention, attachment and association.

Expect all that you will like to read, enjoy, and experience. BuffsCorner is a fresh zone where you can leisure while choosing to read something crispy to feed your mind. We ensure to entertain you while you take something to share with your friends knowledgeable from us.

Share your thoughts here or tell us what you want to know about travelling, tourist spots, foods, recipes, fun facts, weird experiences, movies, fashion, spirituality, etc. We will you find you some stuffs interesting in our next post.

Hence, it is the site for all sorts of enthusiasts; we would like to take topics from our readers so as to serve them precise while we bring out some fantastic write ups for all the readers of BuffsCorner every day.


We love travelling because we love to learn different cultures, traditions, food cultures, people, vegetation and dressing. Our travels gain us new experiences and that we want to share with our readers and their suggestions to begin our new journey while we offer them to plan their new trip!


Like everyone, we are foodie; we love to eat, but, right and healthy. We do loose up our restrictions to relish something tastier eliminating the health limitations that we have set for healthy living. Yes! We suggest you good foods, food plans, recipes and of course good spots to fill your tummy!


We cherish funny moments of life, be it a photograph, cartoon or real life incidents, we love to share it with you all. Sarcasm our favorite but definitely not offensive, as we believe that fun and glee should never make someone to be cautious about their dress, status, gender, look, possession, race, or clan.

Weird stories

Just like most of our fellow beings, we love to read ghost stories, ghost hunts, weird happenings, enigmatic experiences and scientifically unexplainable incidents! Yes! Our favorite genre!

Movies and stars

Movies, one of the greatest craze of the world and the stars, fashion initiators, role models and trend setters, we will bring to you the most interesting facts and hearsays about popular flicks and film personas of the world.  Know all about cinema, stars, fashion and trends here!

Mental Soothing

Be it spirituality, mental soothing techniques, stress busting or work- life balance information, we will let you know how to keep yourself happy from all that is around you and that you are blessed with.

Interesting Facts

If you are keen to know some interesting facts about the most interesting things of the world, here you will find something to appease your crave. Historical incidents, spacecrafts, scientific researches, popular personalities of the world, wonderful celebrations, arts, festivals, cultures and many more to educate you while keep you in pace with the society that test how informed are you about the world very often.

Get in touch

Share your views and send us a useful topic that you would like to read about and want others to gain knowledge about, sit back and expect a completely researched post with all the details and interesting facts you are curious about, in our next post.

Write us your topic: writer@buffscorner.com

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